Can I place an order for a one-time photo book?

We offer our customers the freedom to cancel their Stori subscription at any point in time with no hidden fees, terms or charges. If you wish to order a one-time photo book, you can simply cancel your subscription right after joining.

Do I have to order my photo book before I cancel my subscription?

Of course not. Once you complete your initial subscription, a Stori Credit is added to your account. You can use this Stori Credit to order your photo book at any point in time.

Will my account remain accessible after I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely. No matter what your subscription status is, your account will always be accessible, as long as you have Stori Credits in your account. You can use these Stori Credits to order your photo books even if you have cancelled your subscription.

Will my Stori Credits expire?

Any Stori Credit is valid for one year from the date is has been credited to your account. If you join Stori today, you will have one year to order your first photo book.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, log-in to Stori. Under Account Details, select Subscriptions. Press View on the active subscription that you wish to cancel, then press Cancel.

Can you explain how Stori Credits work?

We have introduced the Stori Credits system to give your greater freedom when ordering your photo books. Every time your subscription is renewed, a Stori Credit is added to your account, which you can use to order your photo books. Let’s say, your subscription was renewed in May, but you realized that you do not have enough photos to create a photo book. At the very same time, you have a vacation planned in June. You can keep your Stori Credit for future use, and order two photo books in June, selecting the 60 photos that you wish to cherish.